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How to Style Your Denim Jacket for Winter

If you’re reading this you’re probably not the kind of person that likes to follow rules, fashion rules or any rules for that matter because let’s be honest if you did then you def wouldn’t be considering wearing a denim jacket in the winter. But rules are stupid, especially fashion related rules. Why would I spend the whole summer trying to get a tan so I can wear white and when I’m finally at a point where you can tell where my white pants stop and my pale leg starts I’m told, “You can’t wear white after Labor Day”. F**k that! I worked hard on this “tan” and I will wear white whenever I please. Fashion is meant to make a statement. Be bold. So rules do not apply. Hence wearing denim jackets all winter long.

If you live in a warmer climate than us where you don’t consider 40 degrees in December in Chicago to be a heat wave, not to worry this still applies to you. We are living in crazy times where it snows in Texas and “cold fronts” hit Miami (a “cold front” is what people in Miami call weather that is colder than 50 degrees and requires you to wear a sweater and maybe even a jacket) all thanks to our Planet slowly dying.

So you’re in luck if you’re a denim enthusiast like us. You can make your denim jacket a year-round staple and stand out piece in your streetwear wardrobe. You don’t need to limit denim jackets to only one or two seasons by following the steps below.


Anyone from a colder climate knows that layering is key to surviving the cold weather and the same applies when you want to wear a jacket with less insulation. Try a fuzzy turtleneck or chunky sweater for a cozy yet polished look. Or a hoodie or crewneck sweatshirt for a sportier - I’m a celebrity running errands - look.

Accessories are Key

If you keep your ears, fingers and toes warm the rest of you will stay warm and therefore you can wear whatever you want like a bikini or speedo. Just kidding but it will give you a jumpstart on staying warm. So boots with the fur, check. But why stop there? Hat with the fur, yes. Gloves with the fur, definitely. And make sure your gloves are touchscreen compatible because you don’t want to awkwardly take out one finger to post your outfit on Insta.

boots with fur winter accessories for denim jackethat with fur accessories for winter denim jacket

Neutral Colors

Let your denim jacket be the statement piece. Don’t just make your jacket a functional item to wear when you go outside. Make it part, the main part, of your outfit. Try an all black outfit to really make the artwork on your PakRat Ink jacket stand out and be the headliner.


Most importantly of all you gotta own that shit. Have you ever worn something completely inappropriate for a specific time and place? Like when my grandma convinced my Aunt it was passe to wear black to a funeral and she showed up in full on head-to-toe floral print. Only one thing to do in that situation, rock it. If you don’t wear your outfit, it’ll wear you. So be bold, try something new, push the boundaries and take some risk because if you don’t someone else will.    


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